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Pancake Socks

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The Most Important Feel of Your Day

Keto Pancakes, Healthy Waffles, Organic Pancakes.... what are those really?

Our Pancake Socks, finely drizzled with Canadian Maple Syrup, are perfect to wear while you dazzle your household cooking them up Sunday Brunch.

Or perhaps for when you and your sweety want Breakfast in Bed...

Get a pair today and maybe your partner won't care what you do for breakfast, after all Pancakes are a meal best shared!

Pancake Socks oh Pancake Socks... wait am I dreaming?


  • 80% Cotton
  • 15% Polyester 
  • 5% Spandex


  • Unisex Medium - Fits: Women 4 to 9.5 US & Men 6 to 8.5 US
  • Unisex Large - Fits: Women 8 to 12 US & Men 9 to 12 US

Care Instructions