Watch out Apple…We are Taking Our Socks Public


After a few months of being a privately run company, we are officially launching our Toetally Delicious Socks on the Public Sock Exchange.

The last few weeks have been challenging in the boardroom, its true. There have been many tough decisions, and many doughnuts and brownies consumed. Seeing that we want our company to grow, and to provide the world with the most comfortable and delicious socks, we now feel like it is time to let the consumer become an owner in our vision as well. This upcoming long weekend, at the world famous Saanich Fair in British Columbia, Toetally Delicious Socks will be dishing out our freshest batch of Socks yet. You can finally have a piece of the pie.

The Saanich Fair is fun weekend where people get together to share ideas, listen to live music and support local businesses. We see it as a way to connect with share holders and that is why this weekend you have an excellent opportunity to come and meet the owners. Yes, you can come down and connect directly with the CEO, Mr. Charles Joseph, and start building up your portfolio of fine investments.

Currently our socks are priced at 18$ for a double packaged share ( 2 socks). After having consulted with our futures analysts, we estimate that these classics will probably be worth close to 100$/pair by 2020…You have to consider inflation and unpredictable government policy with things like this…But we don’t want to get you bogged down with fancy economics talk, basically you are getting a pretty good deal if you buy them sooner than later !

We look forward to seeing you at the Saanich Fair and we thank you for considering your sock options at this time. Our colorful, comfortable, guilt-free, gluten free socks will be displayed at our booth.

We welcome you to the Toetally Delicious Family. We want you to stand out in style.

P.s. please do not get distracted by the delicious smelling mini doughnuts near by…our socks are not actually edible even though they look scrumptious.

cant make it to the fair: get your pairs here 




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