Biggest, Best, Greatest. Struggles and Revelations from The Sock Game

We are the biggest!

We are the best!

We are the greatest!

Isn't that what they all say? 

As we venture into this sock game, we realize we have a challenge ahead of us. Sure starting a business isn't an easy endeavor to begin with but we knew that. For us, its not about being the biggest, the best, or the greatest. It is about being authentic in who we are and enjoying the process of creating a unique product as three great friends!

The challenge: How do you stand out in a crowded men's sock market?

Our recipe: What if we showcased to people the reason why we started the company, the true story behind the people involved, and document the journey we are on? 

Join us as we share our journey in the sock business and help us showcase yours.

We want to showcase you as much as we showcase our socks. We encourage everyone to post your photos, tell us why you wear the socks, and let us know your favorite flavours!

 As they say, every pair has a story.... Sometimes it  just takes dessert to get it out.




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